Powering Transformative Interactive Experiences

As the proven leader in delivering interactive video at scale, Phenix partners with content owners and media companies to power innovative experiences that drive revenue through user acquisition, engagement and retention.

Trusted by the world’s best-known brands, Phenix's patented technology delivers synchronous, real-time video to global audiences at broadcast scale.

Real-Time Video Delivery

Expand reach and improve engagement with broadcast-quality video delivery to global audiences in less than a half-second.

Through a unique combination of industry standards and patented technology, Phenix is able to deliver broadcast-quality video with less than a half-second from camera to viewer.

Synchronous Viewing

Engaging interactive experiences demand a synchronized viewing experience.

Our patented SyncWatch™ technology prevents drift and ensures a fully-synchronized viewing experience across all devices for audiences anywhere in the world, so everyone sees the content at the same time. No more spoilers and no more drift to ruin the viewing experience.

Synchronous Viewing
Real Time Graphic


Don't be a victim of your own success.

Trusted with streaming video for world-class events like The Oscars, Cheltenham Festival, F1 and the Super Bowl, Phenix brings proven experience delivering video to millions of viewers at high-profile events where stuttering, buffering, and outages simply aren't an option.

Flash Crowd Automation

Stay ahead of the demand wave with Phenix's patented technology utilizing artificial intelligence to detect rapid changes in audience size and dynamically provision resources to instantly handle large crowds joining popular streams without requiring manual intervention.

Quality & Reliability

Deliver the highest quality viewing experience to global audiences.

With a geographically distributed, high availability network containing more points of presence than anyone else in the industry, a private fiber network, and a zero ops architecture that automatically detects and corrects faults, Phenix is uniquely qualified to make your interactive digital experience a resounding success.