Drive Fan Engagement

Modern fans want modern fan engagement experiences.  Building immersive fan engagement experiences around your content that fosters loyalty through natural interactions between fans and athletes demands synchronized, real-time video.

From enabling real-time multi-angle viewing for the Super Bowl, F1 Miami, and Indy500 to unlocking real-time ‘Watch and Bet’ experiences for the Cheltenham Festival to powering Co-Streaming and Watch Parties for the Yahoo! Fantasy Drafts, Phenix brings proven experience delivering interactive experiences that engage audiences with high-quality real-time video, in sync, and at scale, for some of the world’s biggest brands and events.

Eliminate Spoilers with Synchronized
Real-Time Video at Scale

Traditional approaches to video delivery come with extensive drift and varying degrees of latency, creating disjointed and frustrating viewing experiences for Sports fans.  Synchronized real-time video delivery with Phenix unlocks a uniform, spoiler-free experience for fans around the world.  

Proven Experience
Delivering Video to Millions

Other companies claim to deliver sub-second video streams to hundreds of thousands of viewers, but there’s no proof. Phenix has delivered real-time, synchronized video to just under 500,000 peak concurrent viewers, multiple times.

Phenix delivers broadcast quality video to hundreds of thousands of concurrent viewers, synchronized across all devices and with less than a half-second of latency. With Phenix, everyone sees the same thing at the same time, every time, regardless of device, location or network.