Simple and Engaging
with Global Reach

Deliver engaging online gaming experiences to global audiences with broadcast quality video delivered in less than a half-second.

Keep players coming back for more with wide-ranging device compatibility, a global data center network with more points of presence than anyone else in the market, and a high availability infrastructure that keeps feeds going 24x7.  

Make sure your players enjoy their gaming experience using any device, on any connection, anywhere in the world.

Build Trust with Synchronized
Real-Time Video Delivery

Eliminate the appearance of wrong-doing and limit opportunities for fraud with synchronized, real-time video delivery.

Audience synchronization within 100 milliseconds across all devices,
regardless of location or connection creates a level playing field. Broadcast-quality video delivered to global audiences in less than a half-second means everyone sees the same thing at the same time, in real-time.

Phenix’s patented dynamic ABR ensures all players have
the highest quality video possible given their network connection.

Avoid Crashes and Outages
with a Proven Leader

Phenix brings proven experience delivering robust, ultra-low-latency, synchronized video across a variety of networks across the globe. 

Seamlessly switch between content sources for consistency across content transitions, and lower the risk of service outages with multi-cloud architecture ensures system availability 24x7.