Engagement Demands Real-Time Video at Scale

Engaging interactive experiences demand a synchronized viewing experience, in real-time.

And, don’t worry about having an audience that’s too big for our platform. Phenix brings proven experience delivering synchronized video to 500,000+ concurrent viewers with join rates only The Oscars or Cheltenham could generate. 

Everyone sees the same thing at the same time with synchronized video delivery

SyncWatchTM, Phenix’s patented audience synchronization
technology, safeguards the video quiz experience by displaying
video to all participants within 100 milliseconds across all devices
regardless of location or connection.

Deliver a Consistent, High-Quality Experience with a Proven Leader

With more points of presence than anyone else in the market, Phenix can reliably deliver real-time video to anyone, anywhere, with less than a half-second of latency.  

Ensure an exceptional viewing experience every time with our robust, self-healing infrastructure designed specifically for synchronized real-time video delivery with broadcast quality and global scale.  In addition to enabling a global network, a scalable architecture enables Phenix to automatically expand and contract with zero impact to viewers.