Use Cases

Through its standards-based approach, resilient infrastructure, and multi-cloud architecture combined with its portfolio of patented advances in video delivery, Phenix’s synchronized real-time video delivery at scale is able to enhance the viewer experience across a variety of use cases.


Real-time video delivery synchronized across a worldwide audience
Traditional broadcast involves multiple delivery paths, each with different latency, which results in spoilers as some viewers experience more delay than others. Disturbances in the distribution chain can also cause problems when delivering from a single source over the internet.

By utilizing synchronized real-time video delivery, broadcasters can eliminate spoilers and enhance the viewer experience in ways that have proven to driven user acquisition, engagement and retention across a variety of markets.

For particularly critical events, broadcasts can be enhanced with Phenix's industry-leading High Availability capabilities.

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Group Video Chat

Live video chat with groups of any size
Bring more people together with world-class webinar and enterprise-level video streaming products without the freezing, stuttering and frustrating caps on the number of participants.

And, don’t worry about having a group chat that’s too big – Phenix has proven experience delivering real-time video to 500,000+ concurrent viewers with join rates only The Oscars and the Super Bowl could generate.

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Multi-Camera Viewing

Synchronized viewing from multiple camera angles
Phenix’s multi-angle offering enables viewers to watch a single event from up to seven different camera angles, all with sub-second latency and in complete synchronization. 

By synchronizing real-time video from multiple sources into a single viewing experience, viewers have access to multiple angles for both live streams and replay. These experiences can be user-driven, where the user selects which angles to view, or professionally-produced, where the production team defines the experience for all viewers.

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Celebrity Connect

Live conversation between fans and a celebrity host
Take fan participation to a new level by enabling a live, interactive conversation between fans and a moderator or host. The conversation can be focused around primary content such as a sporting event, or as an interactive press conference where the moderator pulls fans “on stage” to chat with the celebrity in real-time. The resulting conversation is shared with the entire audience alongside game content to provide a fully interactive real-time experience.

Phenix’s Celebrity Connect capabilities leverage Phenix’s patented SyncWatch™ technology, as well as Phenix's patented adaptive bitrate technology and automated dynamic scalability to ensure every viewer gets the same high-quality viewing experience at the same time, every time, regardless of their device, network, or physical location.

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Watch Parties

Watch together with your friends
Build next-gen audience engagement experiences where friends can hang out and watch your content together with everyone watching in real-time.  Phenix’s patented SyncWatchTM technology synchronously delivers video to everyone, at the same time, regardless of location, device or network connection. 

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