Increase Handle with
Real-Time Video

Synchronized, real-time video powers engaging betting experiences, extends the betting window and puts bettors on an even playing field. 

High latency shortens the available betting window, lends itself to fraud and arbitrage, and promotes courtsiding. A lack of audience synchronization puts bettors on an uneven playing field, and crashes from flash crowds lead to the loss of entire audiences.

Phenix delivers robust, ultra-low-latency, synchronized video.  With less than a half-second delay from the field of play to the bettor, betting windows can be extended, new engagement opportunities unlocked, and fraud and courtsiding reduced.

The Future of Sports Betting
is in Real Time.

Attract and engage bettors by enabling highly interactive betting
experiences like in-game micro-betting and real-time Watch and Bet.

Watching the game and betting on EVERY play, in real-time, drives handle and increases fan engagement. Real-time video also reduces odds suspensions and extends the betting window, giving bettors more time to judge
the action and place their wagers. 

Phenix brings proven experience delivering Watch and Bet experiences with real-time video synchronized with real-time data so everyone sees the same thing at the same time, every time, regardless of device, location, or network.

Engender Trust & Build Loyalty

Eliminate the appearance of wrong-doing and limit opportunities for fraud and digital courtsiding with synchronized, real-time video delivery.

Audience synchronization within 100 milliseconds on all devices regardless of location or connection creates a level playing field for all bettors, and Phenix's autonomous scaling handles flash crowds on a global scale using a multi-cloud architecture and a global data center network with more points of presence than anyone else in the market.