Maximize revenue with a Proven Industry Leader

It’s no secret that every milli-second counts in the fast-moving world of auctioneering. Modernize the buying experience and scale your business with online and hybrid auctions.  Increase the number of bidders and expand the ways buyers can participate while eliminating capacity restrictions and costly venues with hybrid and online auctions.

The Future of Auctions is in Real-Time

Auctions have been around for centuries, but auction houses
are constrained by geography and capacity limits.  

Remote bidders no longer require proxies - with synchronized real-time video, they can see lots, place their bids and get a feel for the room themselves.  Phenix’s patented audience synchronization technology, SyncWatchTM, safeguards the bidding experience, by displaying video to all bidders within 100 milliseconds across all  devices regardless of location or connection.  Remote bidders hear the gavel at the same time as everyone else. 

And, with Phenix’s proven ability to deliver video to millions of viewers
spread across the globe without sacrificing quality or speed,
the number of bidders is virtually limitless.

Deliver a Consistent, High-Quality Experience with a Proven Leader

With more points of presence than anyone else in the market, Phenix can reliably deliver real-time video to anyone, anywhere, in fractions of a second.  

Phenix’s architecture enables scale in ways that other service providers simply can’t support, enabling fast and cost-effective performance at scale. In addition to enabling a global network, Phenix's scalable architecture enables it to automatically expand and contract with zero impact to viewers. 

With Phenix, everyone sees the same thing at the same time, every time across all devices regardless of location or network conditions.