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Super Bowl 2022

Comparing latency of common streaming services for the 2022 Super Bowl


Phenix collected 391 data points across nine (9) streaming sources on multiple devices. Each data point was measured by comparing the delay of the streaming source behind either the Over The Air (OTA), Cable or Satellite signals (not shown in chart). Phenix benchmarked latency of OTA, Cable and Satellite against the Verizon 5G SuperStadium in-stadium experience, which was 0.9 seconds behind the action on the field. Combining these measurements provided the average delay/lag/latency of the streaming sources behind real-time.


Verizon 5G SuperStadium is based on the NFL App’s in stadium multi-angle experience.

Each streaming source included data points from both web and app based experiences.

Phenix’s benchmarks for OTA, Cable, and Satellite delay behind the action on the field increased by approximately 9 seconds from 2021.